Colin Ryan headshot

Colin Ryan is a NYC–based actor, singer, and voiceover artist, orginally from Syracuse, NY.


   On January 21, Colin made his Broadway debut, going on in the role of Lucky in Waiting for Godot at the Cort Theatre, alongside Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart and Tony Award-winner Shuler Hensley. Many thanks to the great cast and the amazing crew and staff at the Cort.

   On February 3, Colin shot a short film adapted from Shakespeare’s Sonnet #24 for The Sonnet Project. The final film will be available, along with more information on the project, at:

   Colin will be at The Cort Theatre on Broadway, understudying Pozzo and Lucky in Waiting for Godot and the roles of Foster and Briggs in No Man's Land. More info at

   This Spring, Colin continues recording as the voice of Kefer in the new animated series Egyxos, and Craig in Spike Team.